A collection of my favorites songs

First part

Today I want to share some of my favorites songs that are compiled for years. They aren’t all, I dare say I will do many parts of this article because there are a lot of songs, a big list. They are in random order. Hope you enjoy.

The Grid of Daft Punk: makes me feel like Kevin Flynn. In fact, this song is part of the incredible soundtrack of the amazing movie “Tron Legacy”, created entirely by Daft Punk. The song has a dialog by Kevin Flynn, who introduce a brilliant quote to relaunch the legacy of this sequel.

The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships? Motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see. And then, one day. I got in.

(You’re right, I’m a fan of the TRON saga).

Surprise Hotel by Fool’s Gold: I really don’t know why this song makes me feel good. The first time that I heard the song was in a movie and well… good vibes.

Love to Love me Baby by Donna Summer: this is, by far, not my preferred kind of music (instead, I try to avoid). Anyway, this song makes me feel “in the mood” of doing things that aren’t properly elegant to say by words… Okay not, but is hot.

Talk (Alternate Version) by Coldplay: awesome song. For me, the alternate version is better than the original. It’s the rhythm better?

Victory Song by Ensiferum: one of my favorites song of Viking metal. It’s purely folklore.

Death Unlimited by Norther: well… this song means a lot for me. Not for the rude name, but the meaning I gave to the song. Once upon 2008 and I began my musical journey through metal bands. It was a time of many changes in my life. Basically starting to form an idea of ​​what are the people I know and if they were disposable. The metal music, particularly this song close me, helped me to lose the fear I had for the people who were not good. Maybe I will never forget that stage of my life.

Our Day Will Come by Amy Winehouse: this song are invaluable for me. Comes from the postmortal album of she and is one of my favorites songs ever. The lyrics, the Amy’s voice, the soul, etc… all the things that makes me feel extremely happy.

Deed I Do by the mademoiselle Diana Krall: I have no words to explain the happiness of the Jazz on my life. It’s truly, my favorite genre of music.

End Title by Clint Eastwood: very sad song from a very sad movie. Comes from the soundtrack of “The Changeling”, one of my favorites movies in fact. I only hear these songs, especially this one, when I have no reason to be happy.

Dancing Queen by ABBA: excelent song. Since I have memory I have heard this song. Many good memories from my childhood come to my mind while listening.

Just Breathe by Pearl Jam: you and I know that these guys are fantastic. The grunge band from the nineties, have alot of incredible songs over their history. But this song, especially the lyrics, are a bit weird for me because reminds me that there are people who worth fighting for in this life, especially now that I’m in a beautiful relationship with a great woman.

Bring Me To Life by Evanescence: part of my rising youth. This song is a good reminder of several mistakes I made, of which I learned many lessons.

Show Me The Way by Peter Frampton: a leyend. And incredible song from this guitarist. It was part of the soundtrack of my life months ago.

Imagine by the leyend John Lennon: okay. Probably I don’t need to explain the greatness of this artist, is known universally. This masterpiece is just beautiful. If you haven’t heard, you’ve missed most of your life.

What a Wonderful World by the King Louis Armstrong: okay. If you don’t know Louis, you don’t know about music. The lyrics of this song are pretty nice. Represents many situations I’ve experienced. The Jazz like no one else.

The Girl From Ipanema by the greatest Frank Sinatra: okay. You deserve the worst if you don’t know this master. This song has a special relationship with one of the most spectacular trips I’ve done in life. My study tour. I remember I had this song on my iPod and when I was in Brazil, near the beaches of Ipanema, I figured the lyrics on my mind and it was beautiful.

You Are Not Alone by the Pop King Michael Jackson: a song I hear when things in my life not going nice. Fortunately, to date, I haven’t heard in a while.

Yesterday by the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley: the taste for this artist is hereditary. This song marked a time in my life that I remember but wanted classified as humiliating.

The Siren by Nightwish: excellent, just excellent song. It also marks my start in heavy music, many years ago. This song was part of the soundtrack of my life. Mention that is one of my favorite songs ever.

Concerto for Violin and Oboe in D Minor by the historic Bach: yeah, I also listen classical music. It’s something that many of you don’t know about me, because I like to listen the masterpieces in absolute lonely. Well, this composition is unique and special for me, it symbolically represents my passion for technology. It’s difficult to explain why, so, secret.

In the next days I will upload the second part of this big list of my favorites songs. Now I need to sleep because I’m exhausted and it’s f*cking late. Thanks for read this.