Do you remember when we talk about my blog project almost two months ago? This is it. Dawncoffee, in (now) 2 differents languages: spanish and the newest, english.

I also remember that you mention “the worry thing” of this experimental blog: neither of us speaks native english. So, I told you: this is the opportunity for both of us, to get this as a great challenge: write in english, in the native way, no less.

I promised to you an opportunity for both of us to experience Dawncoffee in english, and today that promise becomes reality. And you are already here. This is it, our extended and experimental version of Dawncoffee. From now, our blog, our challenge.

I’m very excited because this will be a very interesting challenge and we need to be sure that a lot of funny things going to happen from today.

Why I select this day, February 14, to release this extended blog?

Here in Chile, the February 14 means 2 things: the people in love are celebrating “the love day” and the single people are celebrating the “friendship day”.

Well Chloé, I consider you as my lovely and best friend from France. I know that the friendships in distance (talking about hundreds of kilometers) are difficult. But, fortunately, we have an incredible way to pursue a really nice and strong friendship whatever the distance: Internet and Skype. Hope for that.

I really, really like your way to live. What little I know of you is enough to me to know that you’re a wonderful person and I’m glad to meet you.

This is my little gift to you.
Je t’aime bien, Chloé.